The more popular bitcoins become, the more brokers are appearing and that makes a market that is already filled with choices, even more overwhelming. Every broker is different and they all offer something different, they all have different fees and prices and they all have their own pros and cons that set them apart from other companies. With this article we are hoping to help you narrow those choices down by giving you three of the best brokers where you can go to and buy bitocin in Canada.

This bitcoin exchange is actually based in Canada, which means it is perfect if you are a Canadian citizen. You can do the purchasing of bitcoins either online from anywhere in the country, or with Interac Online. one of the best things about this broker is that is allows you to buy bitcoins fast and if you want to purchase up to $250 worth of bitcoins you can do that with only your email address and cellphone number, no ID verification needed. There are a few problems though, and the most noticeable ones are the high fees that are 4.95% per trade and they also have very low limits.

Wall of Coins

This is an escrow service that makes it really easy for you to buy bticoin with cash deposits in Canada as well as the US, UK, Brazil, Latvia, Germany, Mexico, Romania and a few other countries as well. This service offers customers low fees and it provides a very easy way for people to purchase bitcoins in a very private way, where only your phone number is required. Something that may be considered a con by some people is that this service is currently limited to 12 countries and it can often be very hard to find sellers offering high volume.



This is a bitcoin exchange that is based in the UK and it allows users in almost every country in the world to purchase bitcoins, with the exception of the United States, using a wide range of currencies and different payment methods. Some of these payment options include SWIFT, credit cards, Dotpay, Skrill, OKPAY, SOFORT, SEPA and online transfer. Some of the pros include a fair 0.9% trading fee, they offer support for 20 fiat currencies, as well as a super clean design that makes the buying process really easy. Some of the cons are that they offer you a wallet that shouldn’t be used to store bitcoins and it also requires ID verification, so it means that it is not private.

Buying bitcoins doesn’t have to be a complicated and lengthy process, even if you are a first-time buyer. Choosing the right broker can simplify everything for you and you can buy bitcoin with ease, and if finding a good broker for the Canadian market is something you thought would be impossible, then hopefully this article helped you realize that won’t be a problem at all.